In the Record of Today

From Pink Chalk, 2018.

In the Record of Today

In the car
the weekday morning traffic light
traffic at an all stop

dark blue wool coat-clad arm
left hand raised to forehead
smoothing hair
body angled for a better view
rearview mirror reflecting his intent gaze
fingers spread combing wayward strands
a final pass up and through
forehead to crown

settles in the seat
eyes forward
waits for the light to change
this moment an aside
in the main flow of the day
already merged back in and moving off
barely noticed
certain to be forgotten

except that
I saw it
I wrote it down
I remember it
It is not lost.


2 thoughts on “In the Record of Today

  1. One of the weird things that makes me feel awkward is people watching on major roads when I am a passenger and meeting the eyes of someone who is doing likewise. It ought to be an instant of camaraderie but it just makes me squirmy, like I have been caught spying.

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