Country Club Lunch in the Summer

From Clean Canvas, the collection published in 2018.

Country Club Lunch in the Summer

The lardy bloat
the ooze of blab
the egos that billow
in the small-talk heat
Here good sense wilts
or escapes
Either way
the slippery air full of laughter
no one really means
brittle red fingernails that tap
the white-painted metal
patio tabletop
The fringed umbrella
shades every single word
while the cubes melt
in glasses of iced tea


6 thoughts on “Country Club Lunch in the Summer

  1. My family belonged to country clubs ( a membership paid for by my dad’s job, otherwise it would not have been in our budget nor social group) and I worked at them as a teenager. Never thought of joining one as an adult. I rest my case in this poem.

  2. Yes. Some institutions or activities don’t age well and some maybe never were any good to start with. As a child I just liked the pool, but as I got older and when I worked at a couple of them, well, it just was not my kind of place.

  3. It was always a foreign land to me growing up. When I grew up and got to know people whose families had belonged to country clubs, I realized that they were actually no different than me, behind the money and “class”.

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