Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 17

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

Before I get started, I hope that all of you are well and that you stay well.

Once again the Marathon took place at home this week’s session went on over April 23 and 24, 2020. I split it in half so that I could get some other things done. And a shorter session fits my distracted mind these days. The 23rd was a nice day outside, but today, as I am writing this on the 24, it’s a cold rainy day. My backyard is blooming, though.


Most of my writing work was done for my current Large Artist Sketchbook 2020. I got a few more pages lined up with their words.

Let’s hear from the poetry, then.

Here is one for Image 22. I was influenced by the written words incorporated into the picture. The poem first and then the image follows.


no it’s over shreds of and one other thing
just more cloud like in this romantic
just saying it the piece of how it feels
dream my night fossil solves the problem all right
never going to dissolve a second for me to think
you pay you back and a nasty cold to boot
Oh, I got lost in my thoughts for a moment
What did you say again, dear?

PO 4-24-20 #107

Here is a shadorma for Image 24. I wonder what I might have written in a different time to accompany this picture? I think it might have been something quite different, maybe about a goddess plucking a planet from the sky for her own personal jewelry collection.

Or maybe it’s a woman with her hands up, saying, No, I do not accept your flattery. I guess I could still write these, right?

But what I did write reflects my feelings today. The picture is what I need it to be, what I need it to express, I guess – that truth once again revealed about the process of writing in response to something outside yourself: You are never really outside yourself.

But I digress. Here is the poem and its image follows.


I hang back. I hide.
How did you
coax me out
and place this warm sun of hope
into my sad heart?

PO 4-24-20 #206

Here is a haiku for a little plant I have. I feel the plant is hugging me every time I look at it. Two photos – one in the window where it usually is, and the other a glamour shot so you can see what I mean in the haiku – follow the poem.

your outreaching arms
generous little green plant
all of you a smile

Thank you for reading!

9 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 17

  1. “place this warm sun of hope
    into my sad heart?”
    Ahhhh….that line simply sings.

    (And your yard sings a lovely tune as well! How you must enjoy that beauty.)

  2. I love your ode to your huggable plant. I also really like that phrase “night fossil”. It makes me think about the function of sleep and dreams to process experiences and curate those experiences, thoughts, troubles, problems into something that approximates organization. My 13 year old describes his memory as being like a storage room full of shelves and boxes that he has indexed and can access. I guess I thought of a museum variant of that idea when I read that phrase.

  3. Your shrubbery is really coming along in your yard…very enjoyable to see, as are the two smiling plants at the end and their haiku. The sadness in your second poem touches on what I imagine is building in many people for multiple reasons … your other takes would be worth exploring but I am glad you went there today. And the first image and poem do go well together. The poem made me consider my fragmented thoughts at times when I am half awake and half asleep…when I think I’m listening to a podcast but actually ignoring it completely.

  4. I love these collages. Very Dada inspired. As is the first poem. I agree, what you see in an image will be different from day to day. And you may even wonder how the image came about…(k)

  5. Thank you. It’s just how I felt right then. As for my yard, we are lucky to have such a nice space. I’m planning to get out there this afternoon for some winter cleanup!

  6. Thank you. I think my memory is like a series of rooms, some that I go into often and others I have forgotten they exist. I do think a good night’s sleep is the cleanup crew of the brain. I have always found that as I get tireder I get sadder and more prone to negativity (it can happen over the course of each day in times like this when there is such overwhelming chaos in the world). But every morning I am renewed by a good night’s sleep. I am grateful.

  7. Thank you. No telling what was influencing me when I made these collages, last year sometime. I do know how much I love the layering of magazine papers!

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