Like It Should Be

From Refuge, 2017.

Another poem that reads differently in today’s world than when it was written three years ago. I am looking forward to traffic jams in the rain on a normal Friday morning.

Like It Should Be

The cars in the rain
The drivers peering
through streaked windshields
the sweep of the wipers
flinging the road away and back
thinking about wet shoes
and how much longer it will take
to get to work today
than yesterday
what with the rain
while the radio blares out
ads for basement waterproofing
and hip replacements
the car heater turned up full blast
sock-steaming strong
this Friday morning in early spring
going along fine.


3 thoughts on “Like It Should Be

  1. Ah yes. I remember those days of long commutes that felt like an eternity on bad weather days. I wonder if commuting is something people are missing right now. My friends in LA have been telling me how their 45 minute commutes currently only take 10 minutes because of the lockdown.

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