Little Vines 3/24/20

I’ve been doing these tiny poems for a while. Now I’m giving them their own space.

This week’s assortment of Little Vines. I hope all of you are well.

You wanted red velvet
but it looks more like gray felt.
Sorry about the cake.

when your kids put you on the spot
invoke the spell: recite the magic words
ask your mother

my aunt
why is her nickname
Old Gray Cake?
Of course she won’t tell you.

secret true things
I only understood that night
my spirit lingering asleep in a reckless dream

all those years ago I couldn’t say No
and so now
I have no soul

the dinner party chit chat
floated over the table
like a cloud saturated with acid rain

your favorite color is blue
poured in buckets
from the sky

The alien’s sudden demise.
Supposed to be top secret.
You paid for his funeral. With a credit card?

at the séance the so dramatic
I wanted to surprise you
communication that rocked you from the other side

My two aunts
outrun their prey
every single time.
All I say is, Don’t make them mad.

Yes, I still think
rules are rules.
So what kind of trouble are you in now?

I did some guesswork vs.
I intend to find out the reason
they are not almost the same thing

Haven’t heard a word from the satellite
since it called in that complaint.
Nothing like a satellite in a snit.

I watched the lizard
run down the wall pause in its shade.
It is a simple thing, but it is enough.

I’ve never kept a diary
I’ve always wanted you to think I did

the boss’s voice
subdued and shady:
I’ll give you a bonus, he said.

Why not tell the truth before I chicken out?
Too late.
I’m out of the pan and on the plate.

He was secretive and I suspected.
You neglected to close the door.
I heard it all. Thank you.

I eat raw onions
I go talk to the boss
It’s a little thing but it’s all I can do right now.

A fat old month of hot weather.
A skinny little bank account.
Fill up the kiddie pool.
Country club in the back yard.

that voice
like stale perfume

6 thoughts on “Little Vines 3/24/20

  1. Thank you. And I agree. I find (at least for me) the first words I come up with are the best and usually say enough and plenty. The trick is not to start elaborating! As I tend to do in conversation. So Little Vines are very restful to my mind and I never get tired of them.

  2. I had some phrases from last week that the cake thing just fell into place with. Spoooooky….! Right?! Thanks for the phrase, you made Little Vines even more fun this week.

  3. As always, I love the way these condensed narratives conjure up entire scenes from the possibilities they suggest. I love the passive-aggressive action of the onion eater and imagine what precipitated that decision and whether the action escalates. I definitely want to know more about those feisty aunts who outrun their prey. I imagine the dialogue among the guests at the “acid rain” party. I definitely don’t want to eat that grey felty cake that appears in two poems.

  4. Thank you. This makes me feel I am accomplishing my aim with these little guys. I think I am becoming a micro short story writer. The gray cake is inspired by Kerfe, who answered a comment the other day including the phrase gray cake which spell correcting had come up with instead of grayscale which is what she meant! And the aunts, I image them getting ahead of the prey, whatever it is, and then waiting for it to catch up to them before they leap on it. Could be tiger aunts and could be fancy society lady aunts, I think this could occur in any strata or species!

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