Snippets 238-240

Published in Count Syllables on Your Fingers, 2020.


From November 2019.

Snippet 238

thinking of other nonsense,
including my late husband,
whose name I now forget

Snippet 238 11-198

Snippet 239

three times
I closed the book
The third time I was sure

Snippet 239 11-1910

Snippet 240

This lady
stood immobile
a most dangerous still life

Snippet 240 11-199

8 thoughts on “Snippets 238-240

  1. I think three times is the number. Once, you may be to quick to judge. Two, many times things start a way but can veer into the better. Three, done. What it is, it is. Leave it and move on. That is my philosophy. And, These steps can happen in very quick sequence…No more dithering anymore for me.

  2. Thank you. I highly recommend Snippet making. It is revealing and sort of calming at the same time to see what your mind comes up with, what associations occur. If you can stand the flutter of little snips of paper on your carpet! Hint: Don’t sneeze while doing these nor let your cat near them. Seriously, though, lots of fun to do.

  3. Oh good. I hope you will post what you come up with. And have your vacuum handy. If like me you tend to toss the scraps on the floor, it will look like a snowstorm! Although I’ve gotten some good snippets from stuff I originally threw out, found when I was cleaning up. If you find yourself crawling on the carpet after a session, you know you are truly hooked…!!!

  4. Yes. Some of it is limited by the printed material originally used (their vocabulary choices, such as a murder mystery vs a book on forensic accounting) but I find it fascinating how things fall into place one day, and I am sure if I had done them on another day, I would not have seen that association. It’s not all under control, these Snippets.

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