In Which I See the Future

From Refuge, 2017.

Note: As you can see by the date, I wrote this poem three years ago. It depicted a normal common scene in the Montco library – late winter and early spring and colds and allergies.

I schedule my poetry blog about a month ahead of time and choose poems at random from collections that were written in the season. This is the poem that came up today. I thought about taking it  down in light of today’s context, but I decided not to. It reflects a different time, when signs of illness did not cause fear, but just the realization that… oh dear, I hope I don’t catch a cold. Or: my allergies are really acting up. And things went on with no further thought.

I hope I am seeing this future and that it will come again very soon. Until then, I wish for good health for everyone.

In Which I See the Future

Everyone in the building
had puffy eyes
and as I passed along the hall
I heard the librarian blow her nose
with vigor
I began to feel a sore throat coming on.
I put my hand to my forehead. No fever
but who knows? I hurried to find some tissues.


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