Black Sheep

From Clean Canvas, 2018.

Black Sheep

It took both of us
to look discouraging
and I thought we succeeded,
but you kept your sharp eye on us
and caught us laughing
A black sheep in the family
has its amusing aspects
after all
and we are omnivorously-minded
We try out any subject that comes along
with an eye to enjoyment and
skip the harsh judgements
And I know you laughed too.

There are always quite a few of us
Admiring the fleece if not brave enough to befriend
the sheep –
if anyone has a solution to stifling status quo
it’s the fellow who
given the impossibility of knowing when to behave
and how
just behaves.

That black sheep –
that straying from the flock –
You aren’t jealous, are you?
You said to us.

The full moon comes and goes,
crazy times wax and wane,
but it is you who keeps the black sheep
freshly painted
Is it
better to keep out of it
to laugh all night long?
Maybe, you said.


2 thoughts on “Black Sheep

  1. I celebrate the black sheep. As a family historian, I love all the wayward ancestors who flouted norms and conventions – and even the ones who broke the law since they generate more documentation. Also, I am the black sheep in my family because I am the white sheep. It is all a case of perspective after all.

  2. Now I have to laugh here and also applaud your perceptive explanation. Black sheep to white sheep, it is the context! Not always what you are, but the flock you are in. Yes!

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