The Movement

From the collection published in 2018, Clean Canvas.

The Movement

The conversation
was so full
The movable parts
making up the fine machine in action striking again
and again
the sounds
atonal hard and unrhythmic dark
adagio pastel and soprano reason
the movement of the words through the air
like a watch with its back off and the gears turning
oscillating sparkle and shadow.
I was a spectator
I was hypnotized.
I did not listen.
When they put the contract before me
I signed
without hesitation
looking at
my signature bold in blue-black ink


4 thoughts on “The Movement

  1. Thank you. I have always been interested in the works of watches and how the tiny parts work together, or don’t. Plus time is an important thing in music, keeping time, I mean! so that is how I connected them.

  2. I also liked the link of time and music, since music has a beat like the watch does. I was thinking of years ago when I played music, and also, about my grandmother’s watch that she gave me when I was in college, a wind-up tiny gold watch that I still have (can’t see the numbers on it now) and wore for years (when I could see the numbers). I would take it to be cleaned and was always fascinated by the view of the workings when the back was off.

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