Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 2

The Marathon journey is in its fourth year. Just Enjoy Yourself is the current incarnation. Let’s do it!

Busy day at the Marathon today, 1/10/20, and not just putting words on the page. I arrived at Montco expecting a quiet day since the students are not back at school yet.

As you can see, it’s a cloudy day, but what you can’t see is that it’s mild.

Inside, clank BANG slam CLANK bang LOUD! The shelves where the DVD’s were kept are being dismantled. The DVD’s moved to the upper floor and left their home behind to be taken apart and then what? I don’t know. The workmen talk as they work and their radios screech out some conversation too. The cart they haul the debris off in has one extra-squeaky wheel and the metal shelf parts rattle as they go to meet their fate. To add to the scene, the lights keep going on and off, and then the fire alarm. Finally, to top it off, my credit card is declined in the cafeteria – the chip has failed (I checked. I’m still creditworthy. They will send me a new card). Quite a day.

What will be going in the cleared-out section, I don’t know. Maybe by next week it will be more clear.

Doesn’t matter. Background noise. I set myself in place at a table on the main floor and got to work.

PO 1-10-20 (1)

Little Vines occurred earlier this week (in case you are looking for them, I posted them a couple of days ago). I’ve received the print proof copies of my 2019 poetry books in process. I will look them over today. I also hope to work on the Mrs. Sari story. And then there is poetry writing…So now to the theme of today, which is…

to sit patiently, write patiently, and not hurry through the day. It’s been a busy week with several appointments and projects with deadlines, and I have even more coming up next week with my classes starting and more deadlines. Today I am here. I want to focus today on today.

Did it work? I would say, yes. When I felt impatient or antsy, I reminded myself: TODAY. Just today. Even with all the commotion that I didn’t expect.

All right. Here are a few items from today.

I overheard one of the workmen say the words I used for the first line. I’m not sure what he was talking about (could be some gauge or tool designation for all I know…) but this is what it made me think of.

I see a little green
said the workman
gazing out the window at the front lawn
where January is a big gray brown
spread out under a drizzle
falling from a dull sky
I see a little green
he said
turning back
to load the cart with boxes.

I went to a doctor’s appointment earlier this week. It was complicated – the hospital in a maze of narrow streets, a full parking garage with low ceilings, hiking through an office building until I reached a dead end hall that luckily contained the office. I used to live in this section of town, decades ago – it’s not far from where I live now, geographically, but it’s quite different as far as the feel of the place and the people who inhabit this world, from my current neighborhood. This poem is taken from my actual experience. I’m still laughing/shaking my head.

Medical office
waiting room.

old and well-preserved
cured in pepper I’d say
Red sweater I place as
expensive twenty-five years ago
still in perfect shape today
just as I place her
that certain class of female
has lots of money
abhors the spending of it
is rude to social inferiors
acknowledges no social superiors
is impervious to nuance
and loud

shuts the bathroom door
on the old man now going in
shouts Remember to lock the door
turns to me. Exasperated sigh.
Is he with you?
She’s off the script
should be saying
what a useless potato
this fool my husband has always been
and not joking but
I know to pick up my cue
Me? No. I thought he was with you.
A snort.
Certainly not.
She stalks down the hall
like an ancient dinosaur bird
out of its time and
perfectly at home.

One hour later
parking garage
there she is
behind the wheel of a Land Rover
exactly as she should be
Stopped in the lane
head out the window
Jane Jane she bellows
at a woman who is looking at me
as if she wishes
she’d just been a little quicker
getting on the elevator
I can’t help her. No one can.

We’ve had some days like this recently. Not today, though.

a watery
gray wool
thick socks
a brown leaf
floating in a black puddle
just a few minutes
before my umbrella
turns inside out and flies away



Thank you for reading!

8 thoughts on “Just Enjoy Yourself Marathon 2020 Week 2

  1. I love all of these…the image of the day spread out like an animal (with a hint of green detected); the woman at the doctor’s office and the inside out umbrella day (I have vivid memories of that).

  2. Thank you. I was very focused on what had been happening to me in the last few days, I realize. Sometimes I think there are too many poems waiting to be written inside me that I can’t get to them all. I like the ones I did this week, though, I like the mental spaces they took me to.

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