With Intention

From Rearrange, 2018.

With Intention

The pot contains a pink amaryllis
the tag says
my friend who gives it to me says
The swelling buds
on the thick juicy stem
are a lovely green-cream color

I wait for the unknown
to reveal itself
I wonder
if the amaryllis
is a mystery
that will fool us all

In time
one bloom
two blooms
three, then four
the hidden pink now discovered

red-pink veins
outlined on green-pink flesh
coral-pink near the center
white-pink trimmed tips

I believe the amaryllis has far exceeded
the definition of pink
You have to see it
There is no saying it.



This picture is of the amaryllis that inspired the poem.

Amaryllis 2 11-17 small

5 thoughts on “With Intention

  1. Thank you. This flower was just beautiful in all ways, and somehow it led us along with some suspense, just as the poem said, and what a thrill to see it bloom.

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