Driving a Flashy Car Does Not Help You

From the collection published in 2017, Redirection.

Driving a Flashy Car Does Not Help You

The nouveau-in-towners
picked up and flung into things
social things
by some force intent on disruption.
The established
resists the intrusion of the non-conforming
with merciless insistence on expulsion
and efficient timely
The in-crowd
knows its members
never blinks an eye
at throwing back the gatecrashers
Enjoys it
in fact. Nouveau people:
start your own club
it will be second-rate
but in name only
and you’re guaranteed to
throw much better parties
just out of spite
if nothing else.


3 thoughts on “Driving a Flashy Car Does Not Help You

  1. I remember envisaging that cliques would be a thing of the past when I left High School but, no, it seems humans are intent on forming cliques and preserving their exclusivity. It’s one of those weird tribalism things I don’t get.

  2. I guess I never thought of there being a life without cliques, because it was clear to me that adults (including my parents) were participating in them and the idea was going strong in every place we went. I guess I belong to one or more, too, I just think of them as relationships, but what do people see from the outside? Me in a clique, too. I try to be welcoming and not to overlook people.

  3. Interesting. As role models, my parents were not of the clique type. My mother is very self-contained and a tad hermit-like whereas my father is the polar opposite and is friends with so many people that he also has never been part of a clique. I also come from a long line of weirdo nerds so we were often an exclusive clique of one.

    To my mind, a clique is a particular type of friendship group. What you are describing, I would probably just view as a strong friendship group with common interests and some shared history. I view a clique as being a group who are ferociously exclusive and don’t countenance admission of any new members and who set themselves apart (and often above) other groups. It’s an attitude thing, not just a numbers thing.

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