Our Paths Converge If Only for a Moment

From the collection Redirection, published in 2017.

Our Paths Converge If Only for a Moment

An old client of my hairdresser
stomping in
looking for a squeeze-in appointment
She was in town only for the day
bla bla bla. I viewed her with interest
out from under my split ends and
over-sized rollers
and foil tips
preparing myself for a big charity ball
Scratch that, I lie. Bingo session,
but I like to look my best.

The client said
A night like this!
I must be instantly conspicuous.
Scratch that, I lie.
She said, I need an updo
for a charity ball.

I noted her outsized diamond engagement ring
multi-stone wedding band
heavy gold bracelets clinking together
as she waved her left hand
concluding that
she did not lie.
I would not be seeing her
at bingo


4 thoughts on “Our Paths Converge If Only for a Moment

  1. Hair cutting places seem to be a nexus of human drama, in my observation, and lots of fun to watch what is going on (or to imagine characters to populate such a place).

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