In the Dark Interior

From the collection Redirection, published in 2017.

In the Dark Interior

Without much warning
but sufficient
if you were paying a little attention
the argument
picked up some steam
whispers in the dark
can get
two people interested
the rest of us
trying to get some sleep
or pretending to
the signs being
it could go on all night
Stuck on a long-haul bus ride
you get used to these things.


4 thoughts on “In the Dark Interior

  1. It is so terribly awkward to be stuck in close confines with people going through some intense argument or being in the presence of people whose relationship is strained. I grew up with next door neighbours who argued and fought constantly and we could hear every word through our thin walls but would then pretend as if we did not know the details when we saw them next.

  2. Yes. Or when people are having an argument, hissing in whispers, at work, or in the hall, or somewhere you are trapped into observing them, and you pretend your ears don’t work though you are in full view of the whole thing and they know it ( and don’t care, the argument is all-consuming!)

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