From the collection Redirection published in 2017.


Skinny stem
Flowerhead too heavy for
skinny stem
Right angle bend
squeezed off creased and folded
skinny stem
How can it live?
Flowerhead curves skinny stem
a slow turn to the sun
Looks the sky in the eye again
Sways in breeze
in rain
never takes its gaze off the
straight-up above
skinny bent stem
They are a
that knows how to live.


5 thoughts on “Flower

  1. Thank you. I see plants, flowers, trees, all the time, thriving and enduring in situations that are not good, and I can’t help admiring their determination. Because with what we are learning now about the cooperation of trees and their roots underground, or the systems that exist under the earth that support plants, I am feeling more and more that they make decisions, too, and are not just acted upon.

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