These Little Situations They Add Up

From Redirection, published in 2017.

These Little Situations They Add Up

Green light. We meet
opposite sides of the intersection
my car
your car.
My face to yours
each of us behind glass
Your face to me
cut in half by sun glare
slanted across your windshield.
Can you see my face?
We are
Left turn versus left turn.
Can I trust you
to turn
and not
to go forward?
I will do it if you will.

We sit
opposite sides of the intersection
adding up the risk.
At the same time
we jerk the wheels
step hard on the gas
and go.


8 thoughts on “These Little Situations They Add Up

  1. Yet there is that moment when patience breaks and restraint flies out the window and you just can’t take it anymore…driving does things to my brain sometimes. Luckily not much anymore but in my younger days…

  2. Yes. I cross a ped X as part of the trail I go to so often and though there is a warning light it’s take your chances. Some cars stop and some don’t. I find myself wanting to make a point to those that don’t by forcing them to and then I think, WHAT???! would that accomplish! Pancake Claudia!

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