Ten Weeks

From the collection Redirection, published in 2017.

Ten Weeks

If you
knock on that door
expect an answer
from a distressed woman
trapped inside
for the summer vacation
with three children
and not a bottle of beer in the house.


14 thoughts on “Ten Weeks

  1. Ha ha ha! I have so totally been that woman! I always liked to get out and about with my kids when they were wee, burning off energy by playing among ruined castles, going for hikes through forests, so I always felt a wee bit trapped when the weather was too grim (which it often was on the west coast of Scotland) and we had to stay indoors.

  2. It seems to be one of those things that is so embedded in the mind as to being the way things need to go, that getting people to change this, it will take an upheaval of some kind, I think. I feel sure that someday…but not anytime soon.

  3. I think all our relationships require some space and when that’s out of balance it shows up sooner or later. I feel progressively more anxious the more days I can’t get outside.

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