From Redirection, published in 2017.


If only she could get over
that ill-advised attachment
forget it
throw it into the back of the drawer
that holds all the things
that need to stay forgotten
with what enjoyment
could she throw herself
into this life she occupies
Wealthy and waited on
Amiable relations and friends
very pleasant company
here to visit any time
Chocolate cake every day if she liked
and no need to make her own bed. Ever.
If only she could let go
of her attachment to
that ill-advised attachment
where there is no need to suffer
suffering is precious
It goes in the other drawer
where the cherished things are kept.


6 thoughts on “Superfluity

  1. Yes. Probably more than a few. I think a lot of people like suffering or pride themselves on their ability to suffer. Doesn’t matter what it is about, either.

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