Approaching and Arriving Storm

From the collection published in 2017, Redirection.

Approaching and Arriving Storm

Black birds risen in a fright
power line swinging
Thunder shook them off.
Sweating in the kitchen
My eye on a blurred gray sky
Take the clothes off the line?

Power line left slack
emptied of birds
and now
shining black
in the rain.


6 thoughts on “Approaching and Arriving Storm

  1. I like the sense of a “vibration” in this poem, like a moment that disturbs both the birds and the human and abruptly shifts both into a different energy. I don’t know quite how to describe it but I have a feeling you will know what I mean.

  2. Well that brings out memories–running out with my mother to take the clothes off the line as the rain began falling.
    I understand clotheslines are banned in many neighborhoods these days. “Progress” (K)

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