His wife made his lunch
She had a careless hand
hundreds of pills later
the symptoms were very apparent
See here
You haven’t answered my questions
said the police detective
What more is there to explain
she said.
Our family doctor
prescribed all manner of noxious supplements
to help get rid of the extra pounds
of husband. Which it did. A tremendous piece of luck.
She clapped her hands on a mosquito.


4 thoughts on “Cured

  1. Fantastic! This is another one of those snapshots from a wider story that does not need any more words. I love how you can distill so much narrative down into a few lines. So clever. It makes me think a wee bit of Roald Dahl’s short story ‘The Leg of Lamb’.

  2. Thank you. I do like writing this kind of thing, I just love to think about, how they got there, and where they will go, with these events being the only part of it that is explained.

  3. Thank you. When I wrote the poem I remember I did not know how to end it and then the last line came into my head, who knows from where. I read a lot of crime and mystery fiction and enjoy the formulas they are written under as giving me something to take in my own direction and populate with my own strange people and events and giving things a little twist. Make people laugh and also say…hmmm…at the same time.

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