Compressed Deliberation and Decisions Made

From Enough for a Book, published in 2016.

Compressed Deliberation and Decisions Made

Strides up
puts the brakes on
Full stop
a wave of
floral body wash arriving seconds later
Not unpleasant but
intrusive. Whispers to herself
running her finger over the shelf.
Impatient. Not finding.
Strikes off to the right
tacking around the table. Out of sight.
The books she has rejected
and would not have suited her


13 thoughts on “Compressed Deliberation and Decisions Made

  1. The intrusive scent really resonated with me, as I am allergic to perfumes. Sometimes I wonder what they are trying to disguise underneath. Men’s aftershave can be particularly bad. They are cocooned in a smell not their own. (K)

  2. I am quite sensitive to smells (both positively and negatively) and have definitely experienced that sensation of someone’s aroma dominating a space.

  3. And so not me, since I try to avoid shopping at all, but…I have seen so many so focused in pursuit of goods, I marvel at the singlemindedness and wonder if they apply it to any other aspects of life…?

  4. My husband is also very sensitive to perfumed anything (try a candle store, he starts sneezing right away) and I like a light scent, but I HATE a heavy application. And there is nothing like being in a 5K race and running downwind from someone who put on scent (yes, there are people who do, men and women). Just makes me cough and yet you have to breathe… the only solution is to pass them and get away from them!

  5. Yes. Scent is underrated as how disturbing it can be (even if you are not allergic, but you just don’t like the scent, or having to smell anything at all, in fact).

  6. Depends. I imagine that the accumulation of goods is an avalanche. They have to get rid of what they’ve already acquired to make room for the next shopping experience, so each one must be pretty ephemeral. It maybe doesn’t leave much time for anything else.

  7. Yes, that is true. It’s like spicy food, not everyone tastes it the same way. Once again, we do view the world from inside our individual frames…

  8. Plenty of people shop for a hobby. That, I cannot imagine. But I like looking at art exhibits, let’s say, or wandering through a garden, collecting the views of the plants. Maybe I’m just shopping in my own way.

  9. Shopping I think is slightly different in that there has to be a physical acquisition. You have to take something away with you that you can wear, stick on the wall, in the garage, cook, show to your friends. I don’t think it counts if what you’ve collected stays in your head.

  10. Maybe if you then go and spew your impressions/knowledge/expertise on people (who are not your students or whatever for whom you have a reason to pass it on) it might be similar, I think, you “wearing” your knowledge out for show in public or whatever? I’ve met people who clearly pride themselves on their fund of information on whatever topic, or their opinions, and put them on display (as opposed to someone who is having an interesting conversation with you about whatever it is).

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