Line of Attack

From Enough for a Book, published in 2016.

Line of Attack

and her t-shirt a little too tight
wearing flip flops and peering at the top shelf
like she can see it. Stretches out her arm
-that won’t accomplish a thing-
to grasp a book out of her reach. Gives up.
Whisks around the corner of the shelf
without looking back
just like the cat does when he’s knocked the lamp
off the table
but says he never.



10 thoughts on “Line of Attack

  1. I often feel that way in grocery stores. There should either be stepstools or tall people stationed at every aisle. My library is set up for short people like me. (K)

  2. As a shortie, I recognise that experience. Libraries usually have step stools around to help us reach items from the top shelf. In grocery stores, however, if there is not someone tall around to assist me, I have been known to use the shelving as a ladder.

  3. I’m medium height and I often get asked in the grocery to help someone shorter. In turn, I sometimes have to ask for help myself. I’ve done some very funny hilarious jumping things to knock stuff off top shelves myself.

  4. I checked out the reports, he was just down the road a bit. I guess he is a small one and lost. I hope they find him as I am sure this environment is bewildering to him. I’d love to see him (from safely inside my house!).

  5. Yes, I hope he made it to a safer environment without injury. We had a bear on the adjacent street a couple of years ago. We were told to stay indoors, advice which I followed, but I was disappointed not to glimpse him through the window. He made his way into better territory so all was well.

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