Florist Shop

From the collection published in 2016, Enough For a Book.

Florist Shop

The cool sweet air
of the florist shop. The green smell
of stems cut. The rack of cards
suitable for enclosure
in arrangements for any occasion.
The jangle of the bell on the door
to outside
The watering hose
the hot sun
The humid warmth
rising from the concrete
The rows of potted geraniums for sale
brash and impetuous
ignorant of the roses in the cases inside
who wait to be asked
you see.


6 thoughts on “Florist Shop

  1. Your poem conjures up all the sights and smells of a florist’s shop. I have been to buy potted plants and gardening supplies but have not been into a cut flower florist’s shop for a few years and your words transported me right back.

  2. Thank you. I love florist shops, always have, ever since I was young and first saw flowers in a refrigerator case and smelled the air in the building. I have bought many arrangements over the years from Penny’s in Glenside, and that is where I received the inspiration for this poem.

  3. Thank you, we have a local shop where I have gone for many years and every time I step in the door, I feel myself relaxing. I’ve always loved florist shops since I was young.

  4. Thank you. I’ve loved florist shops since I was a little girl and I have no idea why (I like to grow flowers in my garden too but that is a whole different thing) but every time I go into one I get the same feeling as I did way back then.

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