From Enough For a Book, published in 2016.


like me
you have slipped through the net so
you know it can be done
you are caught. Unless
you imagine it first
you will not
and you will stay caught. Most
of you do not imagine and so
you are caught. Most of you
do not even know there is a


9 thoughts on “Deductions

  1. Yes, I know what you mean. I have been involved in the last year untangling myself from nets I did not know existed. It seems I am in so many of them, since I wrote this poem some time ago and I’m still finding new nets! I’m imagining layers of nets. Oh dear. But the good thing is, I’m looking for them and working my way out.

  2. Oh I imagine we all are tangled up all over the place. The ones you didn’t know existed…sometimes those are the ones keeping you inside the ones you can seem but can’t seem to get rid of. (K)

  3. Yes. If we try, well, that’s never going to be worse than turning away from things, I think (although of course there are exceptions, but I guess then you could say you faced the decision and decided to turn away).

  4. Yes, you hit the nail on the head. I am amazed at what I have learned in the last year that was staring me in the face all along and I was not seeing it. What a shock to realize…

  5. Yes, me too. I am feeling some loosening of that as I get older but I’m never going to be carefree and spontaneous except as an aberration. On the other hand, I’m not worrying so much about a. being this way b. that things get disorderly – I just try to regroup. It is easier than on my nerves, I don’t know where this less frantic way of being is coming from, probably just wearing out my worry muscles as I age.

  6. Choices (for those of us lucky to have any) when they are informed, can make the world carry on, hopefully not just for the one who was able to exercise a choice.

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