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A little while ago, I sent a clay figurine I’d made to Ken, a fellow poet and blog friend. He’s written a poem inspired by it and he reads it himself, here.

The gifts that creativity brings are endless. Thank you, Ken.

This may be a first for me – an ekphrastic video poem. I’m not sure if it’s a complete work, or if it’s just a work-in-progress. It’s inspired by a clay sculpture by Claudia McGill. I’ve been wanting to write something around the piece for the past few weeks. Looking at it this morning, I […]

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  1. Thank you. I am feeling honored by this and I am grateful. I like the word reverberate. I know I have felt the same from you and others here in the blog world, inspiring me. I am loving how that is working. Something I did not expect when I started blogging.

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