The Snow

From the collection Enough For a Book, 2016.

The Snow

The snow. A white pepper
shaken with a steady untiring hand
on the contents of the plate.
The snow.
A curtain to shut out the ugly view
across the street. The snow.
A crowd that gathers, lingers, disperses
in its own time and not before.
The snow.
A silent friend pulling up the covers and
smoothing out the wrinkles. The snow.
A pale hand that sweeps across and
softens the rough edges.
The snow.


14 thoughts on “The Snow

  1. Thank you. I schedule posts ahead so this was coincidence (I hope I did not cause it! No, of course not, I don’t have that power… but if I find out I do, I’m taking orders. Let me know what weather you want…) I had a few years of being frightened of snow recently, but I think I’m coming back to liking it.

  2. Your scheduling of this post has proved prophetic again! Wonderful imagery in your poem. I must admit that, while I am not a fan of Winter generally, I do love how pretty everything looks when covered in fresh, crisp, bright white snow. The disruption and shoveling is less welcome but the aesthetics are certainly pleasing.

  3. I laughed when I saw this post coming up because just of what you said – did I call the snow to us again? I am liking snow better these days after a few years of dreading the sight of it. And we are at the point in the year when some softening is welcome in our landscape views, I think.

  4. I love the images/associations in this. Your reference to white pepper got me wondering ‘what’s white pepper anyway?’ I looked it up of course…Snow happens to be on minds up here and perhaps where you are… we are expecting a MAJOR storm…starting any time now 🙂

  5. Thank you. I’ve come across white pepper in recipes but never used it (being too cheap to stock it when I don’t …use it) but I had the idea for this poem and I liked the thoughts it brought up it me – what would a black pepper symbolize? Anyway. We’ve had two days of feeble snow, and today it’s more like sleet/rain/snow. Blah. I hope you weather your storm ok. I know what they can be like.

  6. And how. Snow and repetition. One flake after another and coming from some unknown place in the sky, more and more of it, and why? how? very mysterious – and the question gets asked again with each flake, so to speak.

  7. So far so good..the flurries are strong but the birds are still feeding…a black pepper image will probably pop up someday….apparently there is a subtle flavour difference between white and black pepper…who knew?

  8. Thank you. I’ve had an off and on relationship with snow over the past few years, not the poor snow’s fault at all, but in the end, I find the different personalities of snow – fascinating.

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