Ask the Dictionary

From Enough For a Book, published in 2016.


Ask the Dictionary

Definition of
Bone Folder:
the author of the sharp crease in the paper
the result of the guy falling from the scaffolding.
the paperwork for helping a fish out of his ribs.
Bone folder. Is that what you wanted to know?


7 thoughts on “Ask the Dictionary

  1. Bone folder, a tool I use a lot – look here —

    I use it in making art books or if I just need a really good crease. You know, it’s the kind of tool that is a friend to you because you use it and it helps you, for years and years. Also, I thought the name was funny and could mean a lot of things, that’s why I wrote the poem, had to get that out of my system!

  2. I have a couple of bone folders and they are so useful. I was using one at the time of this poem and thinking about how I had heard the term but did not know what it meant (I did know it was a folding tool but was vague about what it did and so on) and the name itself just brought up so many pictures in my mind…

  3. I have a very simple, plastic bone folder. When I hear or read the term, however, I always think of the lovely, tactile one my Gran had. I wish I knew whether it was actually made of bone.

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