Math Study

From Enough for a Book, published in 2016.

Math Study

The students open their notebooks
point their pencils at the pages
covered with figures. One girl
understands the skipping hopping math and her pencil
runs all over the page chasing it down
the other girl
twists a silver ring around and around on her finger
and her math is motionless
possibly feeling poorly
and her pencil will put on weight
if it doesn’t get some exercise soon
but it just stands there.
Negative two is the answer just captured
and written down by the one girl
and the other girl watches and
her pencil is lying down stretched out full length on the paper.

I Ran a Few Numbers small

Artist trading card, collage.





7 thoughts on “Math Study

  1. I was never able to understand math in the abstract, as they seem to teach it in school, but I was good at it in everyday life, because it is all about patterns, I think.

  2. I was thinking more of my gluten-free, non-dairy, non-meat-eating relatives who make it so hard to cook a meal for them when they visit…it seems whatever I make, they don’t eat for some esoteric reason.

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