False Identity

From Enough for a Book, published in 2016.

False Identity

At the college
they’ve got the nicest lawn there
green and thick. Looking at it
You would think
you could jump on it
like landing in the center of
a great big soft green mattress and lie down
for a comfortable nap
looking at it I said. Well, you do that
just try it
you’ll break something
and get a boatload of chemicals on you
at the same time.
A big swath of weeds
would be more honest.



7 thoughts on “False Identity

  1. “All that glisters is not gold” also applies to green grass. You are not wrong about the chemical investment in having a perfect looking lawn. I read about people basically spray painting their grass. Gross. Your image of the bouncy mattress, however, reminded me of my kids curling up in large beds of moss in the woods and feeling so comfy they could easily have fallen asleep. But people who want perfect lawns don’t like moss, of course.

  2. Well there is another things we have in common too! I adore moss and actually cultivated a mossy rock garden when we lived in Argyll with lots of different varieties of moss and heather. Being not much of a gardener, I found it best to stick to plants that thrive in the wild.

  3. Yes, I don’t like the look of a weed-free lawn because all I can think of is 1. Boring 2. Toxic. I have a lot of weeds in my yard, and not much grass. I like it that way.

  4. That sounds so beautiful. I had a terrarium when I was young where I grew it (it was not very plentiful in TN being too hot or too sunny in most places, I think, or else the soil). I’d like to try it again and outside as I notice we have a nice bit of it already in the back yard…

  5. Yes, the grass may be thought to be nice for kids, picnics and small pets but when you think of the pesticides, water consumption, and mowing fuel…there is a major cost… and wild fields are full of pleasant surprises I have found.

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