Shadorma 18

Shadorma 18

All of you
and then there is me.
A small town
People I can tolerate
in too short supply.

Image 20

Small Artist Sketchbook 2018 Image #20001


This poem is from my Small Artist Sketchbook 2018. Similar to my previous Large Artist Sketchbook 2017, I created artwork in a book over a period of time, 2016-2017-2018, and later wrote poems to go with each image. This book contains only haiku, shadorma, or tanka. All poems were published in the collection Clean Canvas in spring 2018 (without their illustrations).

In the sketch book, the poems are on the facing page for each illustration – here I am only showing you the illustration, with the text beneath it. Each poem is numbered according to my master list and the date refers to when I wrote the poem, not when the illustration was done.

Read and enjoy, and thank you!



5 thoughts on “Shadorma 18

  1. We do make our selections. As it should be!
    You are so organized, Claudia, a quality I continue to admire. Every year I vow to become more so, but I usually descend into chaos quickly. Perhaps I should just try to focus a bit more. (K)

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