Wrong Idea

From the collection Look Winter in the Face, published 2015. With this poem I have finished posting the entire book. So, you’ve now read it! Thank you for following along.

Wrong Idea

When I talk or what I say or did do
None of that makes
did make
ever will make its way through the turbulence
that I used to think I was if not the cause
then the one sending out the wrong kind of magnetic particles or
smashing the atoms backwards
but I stepped out of the static a while back and found a route
through those choppy waves and then I
picked up transportation out of there
and after that I learned
it wasn’t me.

Postcard Moon over the red planet 3-18 small

Mail art postcard, 2018.


12 thoughts on “Wrong Idea

  1. Thank you. The postcard size is very friendly to me, I love how it adapts to large scale images without the actual piece having to be too large for me to be patient with. As for the poem, well, things can evolve, thankfully, in the right direction.

  2. Yes. That is a really good way to put it. This poem reflects past family history that thankfully has been left behind, but that is the sensation – leaving a storm and the relief of calm waters. And -never going back there again.

  3. LOVE that postcard! I really like the way you use the syntax and rhythm of the poem to support its message. Leaving turbulence in order to achieve clarity and calm is such a critical act of self-care.

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