From the collection published in 2015, Look Winter in the Face.


The deer
so early in the morning it’s just short of daylight
and one deer
resting in the snow
under the pines
against the bushes
settled right up against the thin bare branches
not much shelter I think
but the deer rests
at ease
with a dusting of snow on its back
and its face turned away from me


Snow, 2015.


15 thoughts on “Wraith

  1. Thank you. We have deer in our yard all the time. So I have a lot of chances to observe them all year around. I do not like what they do to my plants and the garden is no longer possible, but…they do have their moments, the deer.

  2. In this mood I can agree with you. I did not feel that way when they ate all up my garden some years back. Well, take the good with the bad, on the whole, they are graceful creatures.

  3. A snow wraith—beautiful. There isn’t much cover for them at this time of the year. It’s risky being out in the open. I love them, but then I don’t have a garden.

  4. Thank you. I dislike the deer for what they do to my plants and I’ve had to give up having a garden, but they are graceful creatures and in the right time and place, beautiful.

  5. Around here people think of them as vermin, honestly, there are too many of them and more every year with no predators except regulated hunts, and that kind of thing can’t be done in a residential area. I used to have a nice garden, no more.

  6. I bang on the window and yell out the door and sometimes chase them. Wolves, good idea, the deer would probably just stand there and wait to be eaten, they are so tame.

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