Setting For A Dream

From the collection Look Winter in the Face, 2015.

Setting For A Dream

The library is
too hot and the air is
too dried-out and
smelling like baked paper
rustling with all the thoughts
inside all the heads
of all the people
scattered around the maze of desks
filled with people
hiding yawns and cold drinks
turning pages
The noisy soporific silence
by the voices of two librarians
way off at the front desk
speaking in street-level tones, mighty perky,
about something not to do with the library.
The black night presses
hard outside the windows
the readers at the tables reflected in the glass
wavery, dreamy
The hiss of the heating system wraps in and among
books and words
old paper and crinkly upholstered chairs.
The man sitting at the center table yawns again.

Blur Montco 9-20-18 #2 BW small

Blur photo, black/white, 2018.