Another Day, Another Enemy

From Generous With the Details, 2017.

Another Day, Another Enemy

You have
cut your fingers
many times
chopping carrots
chopping beets
slicing apples. There is no reason
the onion
you are cutting up
right now
for stew
won’t send the knife into your finger
but you may be able to divert its attention
if you move slowly
and don’t look it in the eye.


Left Hand small

“Left Hand” – collage, 2006 (?)

8 thoughts on “Another Day, Another Enemy

  1. Ah yes. I have never quite mastered the art of fast, skilful chopping. I can either do it fast but badly and risk nicking my finger or knuckle or I can produce a much finer dice but by working slowly and methodically. I have often thought I would benefit from a lesson on pro chopping from a chef.

  2. Oh no. That is very hard. You rely on your fingers so much and you never realize it until they are not 100%. Twenty years ago I cut off the tip of one finger with a fabric rotary cutter, the nerves still not as they should be.

  3. Funny you say that. Since I wrote this poem I got all new knives (the previous ones were 30 years old and even though they had been sharpened they were still dull). The new ones, like a dream. I still need to be careful. I tend to be clumsy. But much improved.

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