My Responsibility, My Weakness, My Error

From Generous With the Details, 2017.

My Responsibility, My Weakness, My Error

I have to confess that
I misjudged the weight of the grocery bag
and so I didn’t anticipate
the handle pulling off it
the food and
especially that nice bunch of flowers
you tossed in at the last moment
such a nice impulse
but now
smashed flat under the canned goods
Lying on the sidewalk
where they fell when you grabbed the bag
by one handle
me not having warned you
it might be too heavy for that.
It’s my fault. I’m sorry.
Especially about the flowers.


Saturday Flower small

“Saturday Flowers”, collage, 2007.

8 thoughts on “My Responsibility, My Weakness, My Error

  1. Yes. Thank goodness because when it does, well, it’s one of what they call life’s small tragedies. This summer my husband saw a version of this happen – the hatch of the car in front of him opened while the car was driving and the back full of groceries, including a watermelon that went bouncing down the road…

  2. A moment of small and hopefully fleeting tragedy. It reminded me of when we lived in a city and didn’t own a car so would use the bus for a big weekly grocery shop. One time, not one but two of my bags ripped under the weight of what was packed in them and I watched the cans and the fruit rolling all over the floor of the bus and other passengers trying to grab them for me all as we rocked and rolled with the motion of the bus. It was not one of my best moments. A kind old soul gave me a couple of plastic bags she had in her bag to replace the ones that had broken otherwise I have no idea how I would have gotten the bashed and bruised stuff home.

  3. Oh, this story is just awful. I can so imagine the mixed feelings of anger, embarrassment, and distress. I’m glad people helped and someone had bags to give you. For a minute I thought you were going to say the bus erupted in a riot as people rushed for cans of peaches rolling around or the odd potato. Which sadly I am sure would happen in some places. Oh, how dark I have made this incident. Let’s remember, it ended up well, I tell myself! It is funny how this kind of incident sticks in your mind forever when some more important things fade.

  4. That’s so true about how differently it could have gone. I’m going to have to reframe this memory as less of a mortifying mishap and more an example of the kindness of others.

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