Same Neighborhood, Different Street

From the poetry collection published in 2017, Generous With the Details.

Same Neighborhood, Different Street

So I left the salon
patting my hair
Just cut and in a style
I think suits me so I feel
such an upswing of energy
that I walk a lot faster than
I do when I’ve just departed from
the dentist’s office.


 — as a note, my hair salon and dentist’s office are a couple of doors  from each other – hence the title of this poem…

Teeth Grinding

“Teeth Grinding” collage/acrylics mail art postcard

6 thoughts on “Same Neighborhood, Different Street

  1. Experiences can shape our perception of geography, that’s very true. It is funny you chose the two examples you did, however, as I experience major anxiety around dental visits (sometimes to the extent of panic attacks) but I actually loathe going to the hairdresser even more. I obviously have to keep going to the dentist but I opted out of going to the hairdresser over 16 years ago now. I just cut my own hair and it probably very much shows but my hair was also scruffy when I was paying someone to do it because I am just a scruff.

  2. I don’t like people touching me very much or being close. (you see why crowds bother me) It’s taken a long time for me to tolerate either of these places. I can’t skip the hairdresser with my short hair although I have thought of getting clippers and just doing it myself. And just wait, there is still time for me to try it!

  3. Ha! It’s the touch thing and people-generated claustrophobia that bothers me too. We have yet another thing in common. I have friends who successfully clip their own hair. I actually cut my husband’s and kids’ hair too. I’m proficient with the clippers for their needs so, until they want styles I can’t handle, that’s how we roll.

  4. My college roommate cut my hair all through school, and she built up a nice business doing a lot of people’s haircuts. She even had her own actual hairdresser scissors. She got the skill cutting the hair of her family members (7 kids). It’s a really useful thing to know how to do, I admire you.

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