The professor. The students.
The closed door of the lecture room.
The droning single voice
a stream of contained sound
the clock reaches its limit and

with the flung-open door
a dam-burst of speech
spilling out the break
rushing over and through
the fleeing
the survivors on the run.
In the aftermath
the professor emerges
trickles down the hall
the slam of the door into the stairwell
the final punctuation mark. Silence.

The next class
begins in ten minutes.


PSU Library 7-28-15 #1 small

Penn State library at Abington.


4 thoughts on “Inundation

  1. Thank you. I have always thought a classroom was like the beach with the waves coming in and out. If you stay in one place all day there is a rhythm to how classrooms are used, I think, as well as the rhythm of the class itself.

  2. Thank you, that makes me feel good, that you can see this in your mind’s eye. I think it is a pattern all of us have seen or participated in and certainly a lot more than one time!

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