Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 40

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I arrived at Brendlinger Library at Montco on October 3, another beautiful early fall day in progress.

This is the first session of my amended Marathon plan. Let me remind you – I want to write text for my artist sketchbook recently finished; set up my Minuscule story/poem book for print/publication, so that I can then finish up the illustrations; start putting together this current Marathon book for print (even though I’m still writing poems for it); and keep writing Little Vines. Not everything will be addressed every week, but these are my goals for the rest of 2018.

PO 10-3-18 (3)

Today I also want to repeat last week’s location plan – morning at Montco and then eat lunch and work some more at the grocery store café. Last week I liked that break for a good lunch and the change of location energized me for the afternoon, so why not repeat it?

All right. First thing – poetry writing. There are twenty-nine images in what I’ll now call the Large Artist Sketchbook 2018. In the previous small sketchbook, the one I did before this one, I included only haiku, shadorma, or tanka. This time, though, I think I’ll let myself go and write whatever I want. All right. Issue settled.

Second – my Minuscule book has all the stories it needs to make a nice-sized book. Now I need to give them titles and record and number the haiku/shadorma/tanka that accompanies each story. I’ve already started a manuscript for the book, and once these steps are done I’ll add the remaining stories in – then illustrations – then done!

Third – Little Vines.

Plenty for today. Here are a couple of samples of what I did.

This one is from the Large Artist Sketchbook 2018 – for image 4.

Suddenly she was there
standing on the sidewalk
Did she walk through the wall of the building?
Yes, she says. No. May I ask
what it is you want?

I have forgotten why
I came here. I cannot cover my confusion
Any explanation will be inadequate.
She cocks her head. I notice her feet
small and black patent-leather shod
toes pointing away from each other
heels together. Somehow
that detail makes me afraid
to stay. Still she waits
for the answer. I hope
it will not be long until I have one.

PO 10-3-18 (4)

A shadorma. Not for the book. Just fell out of my head.


May I ask
why you look at me
so slyly?
May I ask
why you dress so carefully
and smile so often?

Little Vines.


I’m pretty sure we take the next left
Two weeks in this cemetery
is more than enough

you’ll feel a lot better with some treatment
unzip your stomach
and let’s get started

those synthetic fanatics
extremely valuable to a lot of people
your government, in fact

not just two there were six
in a white warehouse
and they sang all night

look at all these equations
I volunteer to be the first one
asleep in class

home movies and we were so unprepared
for this kind of high-sparking family free-for-all
played out on the silver screen

it’s time-sensitive, this banana
it’s self-conscious about its age
it’s rancid, in fact

incomplete pattern
the same person
but half-erased

please don’t talk about it
there is no bigger waste of time
than talking about it

everyone in this section of town is
flipping ones and zeros but
they’re all fine, strawberry fine

the device was actually an antenna
a link between two exhausted robots
griping about work

but tell me again how
a mathematical certainty
steered the pickup truck into the curb

diversions and distractions
carousing and busting a few heads
it’s so good to be home again

if you spilled even a little of this liquid
a quiet gurgle of a little bit of a spill
the show is over

you fell off the ladder
so it looks like I was right
you were ready to cross to the other side

yeah I’m just thinking
you’ll never see sixteen again
you mystery man in penny loafers

well super here we are again
green suds all over the street
and of course the details are top secret

so what would you say to a little dispute
in a back room
what would you say to solving some problems of human behavior?

fresh eyes
read the hieroglyphics
line by line

eighteen percent of it vanished
two miles underground
in a rainstorm

for two months
no rain in this city
to give it a thorough cleaning

that mysterious letter you received:
I think you gave up too easily.
We can always call in a professional glyph translator.

Thanks as always for reading! See you next week.

19 thoughts on “Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 40

  1. I agree with Jane. These are all delightful but I really relate to the one about the banana – have two of them in the cupboard – not enough to make a banana loaf with and too many too eat because I already had so many. What do with them then? And no, the monkeys can’t have ’em!

  2. The banana one came into my head, I think, because two bananas gave up the ghost on my kitchen counter for the same reasons you mentions, and I just let them go to it. We have no monkeys. Deer don’t seem to like them. Maybe squirrels?

  3. Thank you, Jane,this comment makes my day, I love to think of the Vines this way. I only hope I’m the sane one and not part of the observed. I may switch back and forth, I’m thinking, or else I’m fooling a lot of people!

  4. Shy. Totally harmless. They’d rather run and hide. They feature huge in Khoisan (Bushmen) folklore … dassie urine heals, I forget now what – probably enhances memory.

  5. I then looked them up as well. I saw a pair around here just once. They were, indeed, basking in the sun. There was a gap -a sheer drop of 40m between the rock I was sitting on at the cliff edge and the rock they were on so they just hung out and didn’t run, knowing I can’t get to them. Not that I would’ve wanted to. It was such a privilege sitting there, them on their rock and me on mine and we just enjoyed the sun. Haven’t seen any since. Interesting about them being related to elephants! Something I didn’t know. Not sure I take it too seriously but what the heck. Their urine and faeces can cure, apparently, epilepsy and other fits. The pair I saw were so sweet, cuddling close. Didn’t have my camera with me at the time.

  6. You know, this is where blogging gets weird: I’m just from a site called Feminism and Religion where the Rant of all Rants have been published about Trump and Kavanaugh and and and – Real Anger. And to then cope with two dassies having a good time, me also … I don’t know. It’s a bit schizoid at the moment. Looks like my modem is on its last anyway so will have to take a break until it’s fixed.

  7. A timely assortment…f seems especially appropriate. And I absolutely love that opening poem. What a perfect slice of life. (K)

  8. Thank you. I think these sketchbooks bring out a good creative side of me. I write things I like from my images quite often, that interests me. As for f, well, it just came into my head, I try to stay out of current events, but I think this sentiment is eternal, not just today. Or maybe I just don’t like fanatics of any kind.

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