Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 39

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On Wednesday, September 26, I started the day off at Brendlinger Library, Montco. The weather was gray and humid – we have had a tremendous amount of rain in the last couple of days and more coming.

I set my things up on the main floor. Today my plan was to work on Little Vines first, then pack up and eat lunch at the café in the grocery store, working on poems there. The reverse of how I usually do things, plus a location change.

PO 9-26 #505

This is the last week of the current quarter. Next week I begin my plan of completing several word-related projects – writing for an Artist Sketchbook, finishing the text layouts for a Minuscule story book, and deciding how to handle the poems I wrote during this quarter – will I do another book? Split off the Little Vines and put the poems in with poems written this quarter instead? So many ideas. By next week I will have things more settled, I think, but I am sure I will be feeling my way as to how it all works out.

And then there is 2019 to plan. I will be making some changes. It is time to adjust my routine. You know how it is when you get that restless feeling…new things coming, that is what it says to me!

OK. Here’s how it went. I did Little Vines at the library. How about a couple of photos of my (improved – look here if you wonder why I mention it) handwriting, in my notes for Little Vines…

and then as planned I went to the grocery café. I picked up my lunch and settled down at the tables along the windows behind the cash registers.

Glancing out at the parking lot, I saw my friend John N crossing the asphalt and I texted him – is that you, John? Are you at the Springhouse Whole Foods? – Yes, it was him. He brought his coffee over and we had a nice visit. If you want to talk about serendipity, here is your chance!

PO 9-26 #109


After John went back to work, I finished up this portion of my day with more poems and then went home. Lots happening!

Here are some of the poetry results.

I caught a bit of conversation over my shoulder, sitting in my spot at the store, and from that emerged this poem.

Oh no, no husband.
I never got married
I kept thinking I was ready
I was never ready
Get married now
not on your life
I don’t like to make meatloaf
and husbands often want meatloaf
don’t they?

More overheard conversation. The words “spiders” and “fingers”, really, is all that I heard but that was enough.

We were talking about
Spiders and their webs and
how they serve finger food and
and about being around someone
who ate the fly
raw. Imagine being friends
with finger-food fly eaters
Of the problems that people are just not aware of
this is one of them.

I watched a lot of people eat lunch today. Here is a shadorma on that topic.

arugula spikes
curly kale
the quick fork
that lifts them to your mouth and
their vivid green crunch.

Little Vines.

so tell me what you think of this outfit
you know I go to court today
Let’s say it is my class action suit suit

they went camping in their new blue tent
they forgot the bug spray and it rained all weekend
this is how hearts are broken

so unfair
that you found someone else
before I did

and by the way I’ve often thought
there is no looking back
after a meteorite hits your car

so now you’re playing me I said to my guardian devil
I hit him a blast with the fire extinguisher
cooled him down enough to let me go

heavy metal
sang as it split my head

the birds have gone quiet.
unconscious serious serial impressions received.
a storm is certainly coming.

the therapist’s office
a repair shop
full of salvaged parts

the little pterodactyls
in the nest
one by one they will fall asleep

one of the ideas was
you would quit being so reckless
take a moment and let the ray gun warm up all the way, will you

some of us are impostors
we step into any role
we make meticulous modifications to reality

I write my pen out of ink
it’s a notorious story absurd and painful to record
sometimes things are punishment for other things

there is no big magnet in the sky
her own careless impatience
is responsible for that lady’s messy hairstyle

don’t doze off
said the woman with the cobalt blue eyes
it just gets better and better

it’s time to start avoiding her
and her magnetic bangle bracelets
the power surge in the basement is most certainly her fault

damaged lungs
breathed out a whisper:
it wasn’t personal it was cold hard business

The dish fell out of the oven perfectly browned.
And I thought I had no time to make a souffle!
said the wicked old witch.

the guy’s head was just lying there on the carpet
what a shame
and I think most people would feel the same

I’m going out for a while, the cannibal said.
you stay here
watch the pot boil.

Thanks as always for reading! See you next week.

15 thoughts on “Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 39

  1. Thank you. And I was glad to read something of yours again the other day and to see you here. And thank you also about my handwriting. It’s been a lot of fun to write the most simple thing and have it look nice (instead of messy scrawly and sort of disheveled).

  2. Will that be stew or soup, and what would you add to it? A head of cabbage? Head cheese? Oh, I’m getting ahead of myself, Maybe it’s just broth.

  3. Your handwriting looks amazing! My handwriting always looks like I am having a seizure while writing no matter how much I work on it. Love the poetry! Words are art!

  4. Thank you. If you follow the link, to my other blog, you’ll see that I had a lifetime inferiority complex on my handwriting, dating to third grade one million years ago, and so I got a workbook and retaught myself to write. I love writing now and I don’t feel ashamed of how it looks. Simple pleasures!

  5. Thank you. I think the day lent itself to some lightheartedness! And thank you for the handwriting compliment. I practice hard on this handwriting and am childishly pleased when people say nice things about it!

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