Heart Lost

From Autumn Opens a Door, 2015.

Heart Lost

The lady hunches over her cell phone,
her knitted tunic drooping and
her turquoise handbag slack. Her voice
has the juice drained out of it.
Everything about her expresses
something silenced
like a cave-in after demolition had already started.

Postcard ink bw lady looking at her phone 11-17 small

Postcard, brush and ink, 2017.

7 thoughts on “Heart Lost

  1. I see people with their phones and often I feel it is almost as if they are interacting with it as a person, not with the person they are talking or texting with, I mean, but the phone itself has become that person, that entity, and they frown or smile or whatever at it, and their feelings just come out in a wave in a way I don’t find when the person is actually there that they are speaking with. I’m going to think more about this, I find it interesting.

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