I Say No, I Turn It Down

From Generous With the Details, 2017.

I Say No, I Turn It Down

When I went to the doctor about my hearing he said
I would just have to live with it.
I said
I don’t want to.
He shrugged. Impasse.
We have reached an impasse.
I picture
the two S’s in the middle of the word
They act out
they stand right up against each other
daring each other to step out of order, to push.
I want to be the S that pushes,
not the one that goes head over heels
cartwheeling. I don’t want to
just live with



Clay tile, big-eared creature, 2013.

6 thoughts on “I Say No, I Turn It Down

  1. This poem reflects my hearing loss back in 2014. Re-reading it I remember how I felt then. But there was nothing to push against, in this situation. I found that out. Oh well. I still want to be the S that pushes! maybe just a smarter S, though.

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