Fend Off

From Generous With the Details, collection published 2017.

Fend Off

The angry getting in front of
the blue the yellow
the turquoise. The tense
fingers strangling the paintbrush.
The hand careless of what the paper is asking
Slapping at it
Knocking it unconscious
retaliating for hurts
it had nothing to do with. Things
have gone too far.

The angry
needs to be going away
Soon. The angry is
random reprisal
settling of scores
The angry hurts
what isn’t angry. Leading me
astray. Please
help me
finding my way back

to the blue the yellow
the turquoise
the healing away
of the


Landscape Dark fields turquoise rocks 11-15 small

Small landscape, 6″ x 6″, 2015.

3 thoughts on “Fend Off

  1. Powerful. We all need help with those pent-up feelings. We know better than to hurl them at the source of the anger, but where to release them? (K)

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