May I Draw Your Attention To

From Spring Cleaning, 2015.

May I Draw Your Attention To

Lie in bed
the window cracked open just a little bit
it was cold last night for April but
The windows have been closed too long
says the single bird in the tree outside
in three succinct phrases

Red Bird in Spring

“Red Bird in Spring”   – mixed media

12 thoughts on “May I Draw Your Attention To

  1. It’s taken a while in this cool/cold house, but it’s here, the time of year when I get out of bed to throw the window open because I’m suffocating (and husband says, aren’t you worried about what might get in?)

  2. Ha! Husband asks me if I’m not worried, having seen the paw prints that circle the house. I’m not really. I can’t imagine anything wanting to get so close to human beings.

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