Long Drawn-Out

From the collection published in 2015, Spring Cleaning.

Long Drawn-Out

I was promised.
I asked for.
You said
You said
Yes, you may
as soon as
I can decide on
a suitable time
which would need to be determined
considering the many factors
that need consideration
and that of course
will take some time.
You said that
I could take home
a token (you did not use this word)
and it would be
This one
and though slightly flawed
it should be a nice thing
for me to have.
I saw the chip on the rim
and why on earth would I want
just one
when it’s useless away from the whole
I took it anyway.
It seemed the easiest thing to do and
it befitted my
properly small and subdued
You were satisfied.
I would like to be able to say
I had thrown it out
as soon as I got home
But that took me thirty years
which I am not proud of
but at least
when you were finally done
and ready to unload it
in its long-anticipated entirety
I said
because thirty years
had changed quite a few things.

Broken heart in the parking lot adj 6-20-15 small

broken heart in the parking lot – found object on asphalt surface, photograph digitally enhanced, 2015.

4 thoughts on “Long Drawn-Out

  1. Thank you. The details predict the overall pattern, sometimes, I think, and are whole in themselves as well. Both at the same time, that interests me.

  2. Thank you. I always think it will be nonsense and it is surprising how patterns emerge and thoughts develop from things that have in common only the fact that they are on the Planet Earth, maybe!

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