Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 20

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On May 17 here I am, Montco, Brendlinger Library. A chilly spring day – gray and rainy.

MO 5-17 #8

Today is commencement at Montco, or tonight, rather – they have the tent set up out by the Health Sciences Building. Otherwise, summer session is in action – there are cars in the parking lot. Life goes on in all kinds of ways.

MO 5-17 #7

We’ve had a lot of rain lately – I avoided this large puddle on the way to College Hall.

Once inside I decided to sit upstairs on the quiet floor, for a change of pace.

MO 5-17 #4

This week and the next couple of following ones will be very busy. I have a number of appointments and three art shows to get ready for and attend (and recover from). My mind is scattered. I have decided to take poetry writing easy these weeks – if no great inspiration strikes, so be it. I have other poetry tasks that can also be handled.

Today I planned to write some new things, then. And of course, Little Vines. I also wanted to take some time to work on ideas for Minuscules – though not strictly a 100% poetry activity, poetry is included in it, and I want to slow down and focus on making notes that could work themselves into tiny stories.

I had hoped to work on my Little Vines print book project (I think I mentioned earlier that when I got to 1000 I would put them in print, and that number has been reached, so…!!!) but time ran out. Well, there is no deadline, and I’m making progress at other times.

OK. Busy enough, I think. I did find time to set down a couple of tiles in the stacks area. Art for the taking.

Here is today’s work.

A shadorma.

Good wishes.
Good luck. I give you
this small charm.
Pocket space
is all it needs. Please, take it,
still warm from my hand.

I had a view of the clerestory windows today and I was struck by the blank look of the overcast sky. It was oppressive, I felt – maybe it’s the closed-in look of windows where I normally see the sky. Anyway, I let my imagination go with that image, ending up feeling glad that the library is really very comfortable and solid!

The high windows
squared the top of the large room
a band set just beneath the ceiling
that today
above an overcast featureless sky
pale gray and pressing in against the glass
no depth no scale to it
but a solid insubstantiality
so menacing
so malevolent
the inrush of blurred air
forcing the walls out
the roof up
the concrete and steel enclosure
made nonexistent in an instant
I sat in its ruins

I looked down at my hands
I clasped them tight
stilled them
I counted
the metacarpal bones under my skin
I did not look up again.

MO 5-17 #3

And Little Vines.

The lawn mower.
A soundless shriek
from the daffodil.

it was a fine fleece we pulled
the yarn enough to make a ski sweater
one with holes in it for us to escape through of course

I took a peek and wished I had kept my eyes shut
I never even met the man
before he ended up in my bathtub

The dream I half-remember and already fading
Sparks and dust and coiled steel
The person I wanted to be

look here,
put the knife away
let the carrots calm down

the daughter paid her mother’s debt
the mother chewed her out
it’s a case of fresh stupid vs. worn-out dim-witted

I think he’s having a reaction to poison
well let’s give that emergency number a call
while we wait sit down and have a piece of this cake

he was hit by a poisoned dart
died in the laundry room
believe me I did not see that one coming

after surgery I heard the doctor say
apparently her brain was full of scribbles
Not surprising you know she was not a real deep thinker

at my mother’s house
look out for the poison ivy ice cream
do not eat the scrambled sour grapes.

we were just finishing up lunch
that was a shameless good taco pie
I have to live somewhere and I’m glad I live here

things are rotten at home
even the baby birds
screech in the nest

Search the basement give yourself the shivers
you had forgotten
how refreshing a terror-filled afternoon can be

Thank you for reading! See you next time.

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8 thoughts on “Day Trip Poetry Marathon 2018, Week 20

  1. I don’t think I have ever laughed so much at one of your lines as I did at “it’s a case of fresh stupid vs. worn-out dim-witted”. I absolutely love that!

  2. These were particularly good little vines. I laughed; and I loved l. – the brain full of scribbles – it seemed appropriate for myself right now.

  3. Thank you. My mind felt tired and like it was on a bla patrol. So I am glad it didn’t seem like that in the post. And as I look back today, I did better work than I thought. You never know, when you are actually working, how it is really coming out.

  4. Thank you. I don’t know how I got that to fall out of my head but I was pleased by it myself, it seemed to say what I wanted plus I think it would be useful again in my life…!

  5. Thank you. I feel exactly that same way right now too – scribbles! scribbles! I am glad to have an art show this weekend, I think the change of scene and talking to people will help me some!

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