Make Straight Make Curved Make

From the collection Picture Making, published 2017. The three photos served as the inspiration for the poem. For more information, look here.

Make Straight Make Curved Make

Take the unshaped mass of clay.
Between your hands press it
until a cylinder forms. Press in more and draw up the sides.
It will take strength. Do not hesitate.
The bowl is made. Take your finger and hold it to the bottom
let it rise to the top
leaving its spiral track.

So your thoughts are made and so
they arrive at a finished state. Even the
yellow dandelion ideas that spring up overnight
have spent all winter underground
until the hands of spring press them upwards
and out.

Haste and confusion thrive
up and down the earth
but the road
every road
is curved and the end
is out of your sight
until the right time has come and
the season
aligns with the


20 thoughts on “Make Straight Make Curved Make

  1. Thank you, Jane. I don’t know what happened to that reblog button (can they go away on their own? Do they now have minds, too?) I like how this poem turned out myself. Reflects my personal feelings on how to be patient and yet see opportunity when the road curves.

  2. Thank you. Sounds kind of trite, but I really do think there is a pattern in life, and we make that pattern, and it rises up in everything we do and see (even in writing poetry using three unrelated photos!)

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