13 thoughts on “Haiku 365

  1. Thank you. More than anything else that is my goal, a smile, even when the subject is somber or scary, well, there is something to smile about , too, usually, and I try to find it. In this case I hope the ugly thing finds a home, knowing me, it will probably be mine, as I did not want to hurt its feelings???!

  2. Yes, I think the same thing, there is something appealing in almost everyone and everything and I try hard to find it. Life is better when you are searching for good rather than bad, I find. In this case I am sure I ended up with the ugly thing and took it home and made it a warm bed and a nice dinner. Because I wanted it to belong. Oh dear, this is getting way too sappy.

  3. This perfectly fitted my sketch today of a familiar, but understated building in our town centre, soon to be demolished and replaced by something shinier, but not, to my mind ‘better’.

  4. Yes, we see this happen here too, and I usually mourn (although in some cases the new thing did look better than the old one…) and I am always happier when the old gets revived and given a new chance.

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