From Look Winter in the Face, published in 2015.


Two men prepare to move the snow from
one place to a better place
A more convenient place
Of course the snow will just melt
if you can only leave it alone but
that’s not fast enough
for people who
have to get the car out of the driveway
go to work school grocery shop
suffer cabin fever after one day
or less
at home
even if in the company of their loved ones
and so
two men unload the truck
haul out the snow blower
no slow-motion heavy-lifting shoveling for them because
it’s too slow
and if people have to
get out to go to work school grocery shop
avoid the onset of cabin fever
and loved ones
There is no time to let snow be snow

Glenside train Station in snowstorm paint chip small



10 thoughts on “Inadequate

  1. Hello Claudia, I have seen a lot of snow this Winter… particularly in Russia and Scandinavia. I was astounded at how many people move snow, as you say, from one place to another and then it finally melts. It was so lovely to see it fresh and fluffy. A beautiful Winter. I hope yours was too.

  2. I’ve thought the same thing, we move the snow and then it melts, but of course it has placed itself where we want it not to be, so – we shovel! At least it is good exercise. We’ve not had much snow at all this winter and now all of it coming in what is almost spring. It was such a pretty snow, I agree, I liked seeing it.

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