From the collection Picture Making, published 2017. The three photos served as the inspiration for the poem. For more information, look here.



The harsh clear light
and the sharp-edged shadows
work together. I find the handle of the faucet
set in the brick wall and
I turn it. I hold my hands in the stream of words and catch
this one, that one
I spear them with my pencil and set them aside
for later. I will fry them up, bake them, roast or sauté
these words, make a dish of something good,
something that will hold a person over
until the next meal comes along. I pack a lunch of words
and take it along with me
out into the tangled city, the acres
of brash color and crossing angles
the overload of sensations
the dazzle of stupidity
the footsore brain
All to be set aside as
I sit and savor the taste of the


10 thoughts on “Picnic

  1. Wow, I love this meal of words! It is always magical to me how certain images bring forth just the creative direction you need. Keep those words flowing.

    • Thank you. Because that is just how it feels sometimes, my brain, like I’ve walked on feet too long and they got too tired. Funny how that is, you don’t think of it, but I do think your brain can just get…sore.

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