Straightforward Contentment

From the collection Autumn Opens a Door, 2015.

Straightforward Contentment

There is something just delightful
about going into the grocery store
about spotting something nice for dinner
about thinking how to cook it and
about eating it with pleasure and contentment
instead of just filling
your stomach.

Clay tile – animal with empty stomachs, 2013.


9 thoughts on “Straightforward Contentment

  1. Well put, last night for dinner I made myself a platter of fruit, veggies, crackers and cheese. I was very content. Food for one can be very easy at times.

  2. I quite agree. I am not much of a baker (I can do the basics but nothing fancy) but I love to cook and am a pretty good cook. I enjoy trying out new recipes and new ingredients or different combinations. I drive my husband nuts by never actually following a recipe to the letter. Instead, I read a recipe, take inspiration from it, and then do my own thing. That is probably why I am not the most capable baker as that requires more precision. What takes the shine off cooking is that my kids, while they have mature palates and dislike standard “kid food”, are not too great at trying new things without lots of complaining and cajoling. My other problem is that, except at weekends, I have very little time for cooking so I tend to cook the same things over and over since I don’t have to put as much thought into my practiced recipes. For instance, I think I could make curry in my sleep.

  3. Hold that cooking creativity thought. You will have more time and a more receptive audience as time passes, just wait, and they will be saying, Yum, Mom. Yes, they will, and you’ll be enjoying experimenting again with more time to do it. I predict.

  4. My husband is always pointing out that, with four kids, the chances of everyone liking any given meal is unlikely. He thinks I should be satisfied with a 50% score from them. That is my threshold for making a recipe again. At least all of the exposure is giving them experience of more interesting flavours and ingredients. I also think my kids are annoyingly fussy until they have a friend over for dinner who will only eat a narrow range of things, often boring, often straight out of a packet stuff, and then I think maybe mine aren’t so bad after all.

  5. Yes. The contrast with visitors is telling. And I think 50% is a good gauge. It’s good exposing the kids like this, sets up a habit of trying new foods that will carry on in later life, I think.

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